With all the rain!

From Leslie on Sunday: I hope all of you have been warm and dry through this interesting weather! The second run-in barn began flooding Thursday so when all horses came in that night, all 20 were set up in the main barn, with 7 in “Gypsy” stalls in grooming racks and along the main aisle!  Jury rigged hay nets and water buckets, so they all are warm, dry, and well fed! They ate as we cleaned stalls this morning, and as we left the barn, several lay down for naps, even in these makeshift circumstances so all is well.
The ring has been under water for so long I’ve forgotten what it looks like, and horses have been standing (or lying!) in without a break since Thursday night, so they will be wild children when I get to release them! I am canceling lessons for Monday as Laurie and I will have our hands full dealing with 20 stalls, and horses will not be themselves!  I will see when this gets past us and when I can get horses out to get rid of the “beans and badness”!
At the end of the rainbow – by Heather Daniel