Whinny Post!

New Riders!

As we have had so many new people starting, we wanted to review that we are $35.00 a lesson, $195.00 for a 6 lesson plan, which is prepaid to get the discount.  We are $15.00 an hour for approved practice rides in the ring when an instructor is in the barn area.  It is possible for our riders to half lease a horse and get 4 hours riding a week, and precedence with that horse for activities.

If you refer a friend to Scotsgrove, when they buy a 6 lesson plan, Leslie will credit you with one free lesson! It is also possible to clean tack to earn practice rides and lessons.

We do have to charge for “no shows”, as we spend an hour or more getting horses in, groomed and tacked to be ready for a lesson. And if we anticipate a big lesson, we will have more than one instructor to keep things moving and enough eyes on the group to keep everybody as safe as possible! So let us know ASAP if you can’t make it to a lesson.

As always you are the best Barn Family!