• Gelding
  • 7 year old
  • Bright Bay
  • Registered QH
  • 15 white hairs on forehead

Easter Beau aka “Chip” is our baby colt out of Folly and Bowie, the dad of Tricks and China. He was born late on Easter day in 2012. Chip is a curious, smart, and looks just like a chip off the old block! He’s taken his cues from Tricks, who has done a great job of teaching the young stock manners, and now Chip is learning how to be an instructor’s back up pony. Chip loves to play with any horse or human who gives him attention and take naps in the barn while getting his belly rubbed. While technically still “in training” he’s stepped up to the plate like he was born for the job. He can already pony other horses and has been ridden in the hunt field and on hunter paces!

Erin                      Leslie’s                     Bella