Diamond’s Rio

Rio submitted by Soline McGee

13 years old
Registered Irish Sport

Diamond’s Rio came to us young and green, but very willing and smart under advanced riders in lessons. Rio is learning about dressage, working on the flat and is a natural at jumping. She’s already a barn mooch and fast friends in the mare’s herd under Erin– they look almost like twins! We’re excited to see Rio grow within the barn. She’s coming around to the idea that a job can be fun. While she was out on maternity leave for a long time, Rio is now back in lessons under advanced riders as she learns to pick up lessons again.
Rio is a new mom to our baby colt ‘Tis Himself. Named after our own Irishman, Mr. Bob Scott. ‘Tis is a big beautiful baby and Rio has definitely outdone herself proving what a great first time broodmare she can be.