Truffle at Rest

Truffle by Jackie Smith

24 years old
Mahogany Bay
Quarter Horse mix
No Markings

Truffle came to Scotsgrove as a trail ride pony with a deeply ingrained “groupie” instinct. This makes him ideal for beginning lessons because he won’t stray from the group. His “pony opinion” about leaving the group also challenges older riders to help him feel confident enough to be first horse. Truffle is a walk/trot lesson pony with a snappy jump for those who have patience and a calm hand. Truff is sometimes available to be half-leased by one of our more advanced riders to get some extra love and attention. He loves being someone’s pet! Old age doesn’t seem to slow this pony down, Truff is our best lead-line pony and a pro at taking kids out for their first fox hunt.