2020 Updates


Welcome to Scotsgrove and our image heavy site. (ha!) This year’s resolution is a TOTAL revamp of the website. While I’ve loved all the pictures, as the years have passed (the very first one was on dreamweaver almost 10 years ago now!) needs have changed and so I’m cutting a lot of pages and pictures to focus on getting the information you need to know at your fingertips.

Have a question? Contact Mrs. Scott at (864) 266-4240
for more information or to schedule lessons.

On that note, here’s a brief summary of our updated prices:

Our lessons are $40.00 each for a complete hour on horseback.
There is also a lesson plan of six lessons for $220.00!
Boarding is $450.00 per month. (waiting list)
Training is $700.00 per month, boarding included.

If you refer a friend to Scotsgrove, when they buy a 6 lesson plan, Leslie will credit you with one free lesson. Just be sure to let Leslie know who you referred!
It is also possible to clean tack to earn practice rides and lessons.
Approved practice rides for our students are $15 for one hour in the ring when an instructor is in the barn area.
Our riders can also inquire about half-leasing a lesson horse and get 4 hours riding a week, and precedence with that horse for activities.

Please remember to let Ms Leslie know on her cell phone by voice or text (864-266-4240) if your rider is going to miss a lesson. We have to charge for no shows, as we have staffed to handle what’s on the book, may have turned away a rider who wanted a make-up lesson, and brought horses in, groomed and tacked for the lesson. With enough notice, we can sidestep the no-show fee, which we would both prefer!

Here’s to a brighter, happier new year and the best barn family ever!