Quick Info!

Have a question?
Contact Ms. Leslie Scott at (864) 266-4240
for more information or to schedule lessons.

As of Sept. 1st, 2021, our lessons are $45.00 each for a complete hour on horseback.
Private lessons are $75.00
There is also a six-lesson package for $245.00!
Boarding is $450.00 per month. (waiting list-limited stalls)
Training is $700.00 per month, boarding included.

COVID-19 Changes:

Some ways of life have changed right now.
We are actively encouraging safe-spacing at the barn. Please wear a mask if there is a lot of traffic within the barn and safe-spacing is more difficult to achieve. While we are fond of helping smaller riders dismount, we need parents to step in at the end of lessons to help their kids. Please wear your own riding gloves and helmets if possible. Hand sanitizer is located in the bathroom!
We encourage everyone to live within their comfort zone, but please stay in contact with Ms. Leslie in regards to attendance.
Take care, make wise decisions, and stay safe!