Whinny Post!

New Riders!

As we have had so many new people starting, we wanted to review that we are $35.00 a lesson, $195.00 for a 6 lesson plan, which is prepaid to get the discount.  We are $15.00 an hour for approved practice rides in the ring when an instructor is in the barn area.  It is possible for our riders to half lease a horse and get 4 hours riding a week, and precedence with that horse for activities.

If you refer a friend to Scotsgrove, when they buy a 6 lesson plan, Leslie will credit you with one free lesson! It is also possible to clean tack to earn practice rides and lessons.

We do have to charge for “no shows”, as we spend an hour or more getting horses in, groomed and tacked to be ready for a lesson. And if we anticipate a big lesson, we will have more than one instructor to keep things moving and enough eyes on the group to keep everybody as safe as possible! So let us know ASAP if you can’t make it to a lesson.

As always you are the best Barn Family!

Back to School Fall Schedule!

Leading in the Big Kids (Truly and Country) by Anne Clevenger

Back to School and that means the change over from lessons in the morning to lessons in the afternoon. We’re filling 3:30 and 4:45 slots Monday through Friday, a 2:00 slot on Friday and Saturday morning slots are at 9:00 and 10:15.

Call Ms. Leslie Scott on her cell at (864) 266-4240 to schedule lessons! She is always willing to work with riders availability to make sure you can ride at a pace that is right for you.

Important Dates to remember:
Tuesdays Leslie goes Hunting with Shakerag – starting with hound walks, then “cub hunting”, and formal turn out later in the year.
August 20th is Shakerag’s Hunter Pace
September 10th is SECH Hunter Pace that we put on! We need volunteers!
Our Fall Schooling Show and Halloween Games will be announced soon.
November 10th this year is Hickory Top

As always give Ms. Leslie a call if you have any questions, concerns, or want to know more about the above dates. Hope to see you around the barn soon!

Cantering by Heather Daniel

Summer Schedule!

Lesson in the Ring – Anne Clevenger

It’s that time of year again and we’re late getting this out, but Leslie needs to know riders’ days and times of availability to make up the summer schedule. We shift as many lessons as possible to mornings, as children, horses, and instructors are all subject to heat stroke!
Saturdays generally stay the same year round so unless you make a request Saturday assignments stay the same, but we put a little emphasis on trying to make it 9:00 and 10:15!
Weekdays we will do 9 and 10 am, and some 4:30 lessons need to stay as both parents work.
Please email Leslie your rider’s availability and Sunday she will make up summer schedule which should be able to start June 5.
Thank you!

Waiting for Lessons to start – Donia Davis

Barn News

By increasing the number of students we saw each week, we were able to hold close to the same prices for about 18 years- only having to raise lesson prices once! An accomplishment to be sure in such rising and falling economic times.

However, a number of hard, wet, cold winters (the drought is officially over) and a dwindling of students has pushed us to raise our prices again. As of March 1st, lessons will be $35.00 an hour or a 6 lesson plan for $195.00. You may buy up to 2 plans ahead to preserve the old pricing of $165.00 a little longer! Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

In other news, summer live-in camps will not be happening this year. Leslie’s husband Bob is approaching 91 while her mother is turning 100 very soon and lives in Florida. Life is less controllable than it was and, of course, important family requires more time spent in their company. It is a sad development, but one can only be stretched so thin.

HOWEVER, if there is a demand for day camps we will do those! So let Ms. Leslie know if you are interested in day camp this summer. The number of camps will be determined by the amount of interest!

Other dates to be aware of:
  • FENCE Open Show – April 9th
  • Scotsgrove Spring Schooling Show – April 16th
  • Hickory Top – May 7th
  • Scotsgrove Hunter Pace – May 28th

Let Ms. Leslie know if you are interested in participating, so she can assign horses!